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Mother’s Day Brunch

“Mother’s Day” Brunch

Mother’s Day is the time to express gratitude to every mother’s selfless love. To show this gratitude most of us plans a dinner date with their mother in her favourite restaurant. But have we ever thought of preparing a self made brunch meal for her and treat her to an indulgent meal she’ll remember all year long?

Savegenie suggesting these hand-crafted kitchen creations made with love and are easy to cook. Scroll down and check out all our top picks.


Refreshing Poloma Cocktail

What could be a better start for a mother on her special day than a drink? Make her a nice drink and say a toast in her honour with this special mother’s day drink. Made with fresh grape fruit juice, blanco tequila, and club soda Paloma Cocktail is the perfect beverage to start your mother’s day celebration.


Salmon Teriyaki

If you are thinking of surprising your mother with a salmon recipe, try this salmon teriyaki. There are indefinite types of teriyaki sauces out there, but mixing one of your mom’s dear sauces will certainly make her feel special. Since, it’s a sea food dish don’t forget to add some extra ginger in it.



Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups

These cute little roll-ups are a play off the typical lasagne. For these creamy & delicious chicken roll-ups, use some alfredo sauce for a little twist. Stuff some lasagne noodles with chicken, cheese & garlic alfredo & a perfect mother’day dish is ready.



Spinach & Nutmeg Cannelloni

Stuff rolled lasagne sheets with creamy spinach & ricotta and baked with tomato & mascarpone sauces for filling are perfect for a vegetarian meal. Jazz it up with grated parmesan cheese to enhance your taste buds. Follow this easy recipe to make meal an ideal one!


Arroz Con Pollo

When made with an aromatic mix of roasted peppers & saffron, everyday chicken & rice can be easily transformed into an exotic main course dish, arroz con pollo. It tastes best when made using a short-grain rice (Bomba) which absorbs the liquid without being mushy, imparting your dish fragrance & flavour.



Exotic Fruit Tiramisu

We bet your mum will definitely fall in love with this exotic looking fruit tiramisu & her love for you will reach cloud 9! For this simple recipe all you require is whipped cream cheese, ricotta, sugar & some of your mom’s favourite cookies. Also mix some passion fruit pulp & mango cubes for spreading. You can also garnish it with coconut chips.


Luscious Lava Cakes

Special brunch on mother’s day wouldn’t be complete without a chocolate dessert, and these cakes pack a double dose of chocolaty goodness. The molten chocolates inside are made of truffles, and the entire dessert is served with luscious blueberry syrup. Be sure to make extra so your dear mom has one or two to enjoy later and a chocolicious reason to love you more.

These were Savegenie few shortlisted recipes. Please share your brunch experience with your Mother”.

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