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Grilling Tips

Exemplary grilling tips for yum chicken
We all want to enjoy these cool evenings with something spicy and flavorsome. Of all the dishes and recipes we have come across, there is nothing richer in taste than perfectly grilled food. We bet it will become your new weekend favorite dish. Be it grilled chicken, salmon or asparagus its taste depends on your skill to grill. Grilled chicken is one of those dishes that can go extremely wrong. But no more worries as here are few tips to keep in mind that will always yield perfectly grilled food.


1. Arrange the right cut of chicken.

While preparing grilled chicken the most important task is selecting the right cut of chicken. If you have a large cut of chicken then it needs sufficient time to grill properly. When you are in a hurry you can cook it quickly by cutting the chicken into small pieces and threading it onto skewers. Remember the chicken should be at room temperature before you cook it.


2. Grilling boneless, skinless chicken breasts and whole chicken

It’s a bit ticklish to grill boneless, skinless chicken breasts due to uneven shape. You need to spend more time in grilling the thicker parts so that the chicken becomes succulent. If you want to impress both white and dark-meat eaters then grilling whole chicken is really a good idea. You can reduce the grilling time of whole chicken if you cut out its backbone. This certainly cooks the chicken nicely.


3. Season before you grill.

Take some extra time to season your food with spicy flavors before grilling. Do not forget to add salt and crushed pepper. They’ll make the chicken juicy and crunchy. Even if you are in a hurry try to marinade for at least an hour. We guarantee that you will definitely love the incredible end flavor.


4. Make the grill ready to use

Make sure the grill is properly cleaned and smeared with little oil to prepare the perfect grilled chicken. Lubricating the grates also avoids chicken from sticking on the grates. If you skip this step then the end result will disappoint you. The best part of grilling is you can enjoy your drinks while the food cooks properly.


5. Grill the chicken thoroughly

Always grill chicken over medium heat to cook evenly without burning its skin. One of the best ways of reducing the cooking time is to cover the grill. A covered grill creates an oven-like environment that grills the chicken perfectly and at the same time you end up saving fuel.


6. Brush sauce evenly

It’s necessary to brush sauce often all over the chicken so that it reaches to each layer of chicken. Let the sauces caramelize giving a perfect glazy appearance. When brushing chicken with sauce, keep some of the sauce for serving this enhances the taste.


7. Check whether it’s grilled

Use an instant-read thermometer to find out that the chicken is cooked. Keep in mind that you put it into the thickest part of chicken where it doesn’t touch the bone for accurate reading. You can also check without thermometer by just cutting a thick piece to make sure that juices run clear and it is not translucent.

Now it’s time to enjoy the perfect grilled chicken in delicious flavors.

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