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Fun with No Water Ice Cubes

Fun with No Water Ice Cubes
It will be fun to make and serve the ice cubes out of everything but water. These flavoured cubes can be served in creative ice teas, seltzers, cocktails and mocktails. Savegenie have suggestion for kids, adults and regular usage cubes.



Strawberry and Kiwi Cubes
First we begin with our little ones who always get excited with the variations in food and drinks. It will be fun to involve the kids to make these colourful cubes. Take strawberry mash with hands to make it a fun hands-on cooking adventure. Mix sugar and pour the crush in ice tray and place the small pieces of kiwi on top of it. Freeze for 4-5 hours and now it’s ready to put in their cold drinks or ice tea.



Coconut Milk Ice Cubes
Coconut milk in soup and smoothies upgrade the taste and texture. When it comes to coffee coconut milk becomes the good choice. Blend in hot coffee and get the frothy feel in your mug.  You have to just shake the coconut milk really well before opening and pour in your ice tray to ensure it freezes evenly.



Champagne Ice Cubes for an Upside Down Mimosa
Our latest obsession is Frozen Champagne ice cubes to make our evening an unforgettable one & all the coffee addicts, get united!

All you need to do is to simply freeze your favourite champagne or sparkling wine. Then pop a few cubes in orange or grapefruit juice or any other fruit drink. Let the champagne cubes melt a bit & start to get a bubbly surprise in every sip. Or if want to try some extra fancy, set some champagne ice cubes out on your mimosa bar & with other frozen fruits for a sparkling good time.



Coffee Cubes
If you drink several cups of coffee a day, prepare for your world to change. Coffee ice cubes add that extra hint of caffeine that will get you through your morning & afternoons. Freeze your regular coffee overnight in the freezer. In the morning, add a few coffee cubes to a glass of milk & add sugar as per your need.

If any of our readers have to share their experience Savegenie will be pleased to take your feedback.

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