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Eggxiting Uses of Eggs

Eggs are incredibly versatile and amazing little creations. Along with a stunning number of uses in kitchen & beauty enhancing, eggs have found multiple uses that come in handy. It can be used in other multiple uses like arts and crafts, leather cleaning, as a decoration tool & may be as a musical instrument.

One of the Egg expression in old days to be an “egghead” means brainy and intellectual. So if we have got some extra eggs at home and don’t know what to do Savegenie suggests some cool egg-based hacks:


Eggsotic Food Paint

Everyone loves those exotic pastries in bakery outlets. Now we can showcase our own by adding some color & style to our pastry with egg-yolk based paint. Prepare the paint by mixing egg-yolk in 2ml of water. Now add food color of our choice & paint cool patterns on cookies right before baking. The personalized, rich in flavour cookie is ready to share with your friends.


Eggceptional Glue

If you have an artistic hand but often lacks out of glue then fear no more! Simply run to the chicken house & grab an egg. Well we are not joking. Egg whites are pretty sticky as they dry out & can easily be used to mend light items like papers or cardboards.


Home Ornament

We all admire an egg’s perfect oval shape. To make it a thing of beauty for our home, paint patterns on the eggshell that perfectly suits our home interior. Now set these alluring painted eggs in the visible corner of home & delight our guests.


Eggcellent Cleaning Product

Well eggs due to their versatile nature are good in cleaning leather too. The thick & sticky base of an egg white easily removes dirt from all sorts of leather items (bag, shoes or wallet). The protein and fat keep it supple and shiny. Isn’t it amazing? Next time before going to a meeting clean your shoes with an egg white & rise & shine!


Eggstra Beautiful Jewellery

If your silver jewellery has become dull & needs some oxidation, just break the eggs! Eggs contain sulphur, which plays an active role in the process. Boil an egg or two, put them in a container, tie a rack over the yolks & put the jewellery in the container without actually touching the yolks. Let it sit for a day & show off your brand new piece of jewellery.


Eggilicious Garden Fertilizer

Everyone is familiar with the richness of calcium in egg shells? This calcium & other minerals will now help our beautiful garden bloom. Just crush the egg shells into tiny pieces & sprinkle into each hole before planting. Later, sprinkle additional shells around the base of the plant every other week.

If you know any other creative uses for eggs, share with us.

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