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Chocolate – How to really enjoy your chocolate?

The word Chocolate comes from the classical word ‘chocolatl’ and entered the English language from Spanish. Chocolate is an incredibly popular food product that millions indulge in everyday for its unique, rich, and sweet taste.
However did you know that a good chocolate has much more to do than just taste. It has to appeal to multiple senses.
1. The Smell
Chocolate should have a strong and persistent smell. Before eating chocolate hold it close to the nose and experience if you get a strong smell.
2. The Eyesight
Chocolate has to be glossy, should have a smooth texture and should have a rich colour. The more mahogany shades the chocolate has, the finer it shall be. Give your chocolate a close look and explore whether it appeals to the eyesight.
3. The Sound
Chocolate should have a crisp and firm sound once broken. Break the chocolate with fingers and see if you can hear the crackling sound.
4. The Touch
Chocolate should be smooth to touch and have a rich texture. Hold the chocolate and close palm of your hand and see if it melts within 20 seconds.
5. The Taste
Chocolate should taste rich and should fill the mouth with flavour. Put the chocolate in the mouth and see whether it melts and also if you can feel the ‘after taste’ of a chocolate for a while.
When to taste
Taste the chocolate in smaller portions preferably in the morning when the sensitivity is higher to appreciate the flavours. Avoid chocolate at the end of a meal as it is not the best way to reveal its flavors. If you wish to taste multiple chocolates have a glass of water between different chocolates to avoid flavors getting mixed.

Next time you buy the chocolate please ensure that you carry this simple test which will not only make you enjoy the chocolate but also help in guiding you to select the best chocolate !!!

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