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6 Ways to Use Tea Bags to Save Money

Till now we used to think that tea bags are a one-time use item. One bag equals to one cup tea & the bag goes into the trash bin, right? Well from now dump the idea of dumping the bag into trash & relish these genius ways to use those little packets of damp tea leaves.


Add flavour to Pasta & Grains

Once you are done with brewing your cup of tea, hang the pre-brewed bags into a pot of water & bring it to a boil. Remove the bags & add pasta, rice or grains of your choice. Also you can try jasmine or chamomile tea with rice, green tea with pasta, cinnamon spice tea with oatmeal.


Meat Tenderizer

About to grill a good steak but still wants it to be juicy and tender? Tea bags are at the rescue! Marinate the meat of your choice in some regular black tea & then cook it as per your convenience. Even the toughest of meats will melt-in-the-mouth tender after this trick.


Get rid of puffy eyes

Whether it’s caused by ageing or lack of sleep, the region around our eyes sometimes becomes sensitive. The key is to use tea bags like we use cucumber. All you need to do is place tea bags in some ice-cold water & later place them on top of your closed eyes & Voila! You’ll look ten years younger only at the cost of a single tea bag. Isn’t it amazing?


Eliminate Bad Breath

Unknown to many, both green & black tea have antibacterial properties. You can take advantage of this fact by taking recently used tea bags, re-brewing them in boiling water & waiting for the water to cool. Now it’s ready to be used it like any other mouthwash effectively giving you a natural version of Listerine.


Homemade Glass Cleaner

Simply re-brew the used tea bags & spray the weak tea onto windows, mirrors, & other glass surfaces to loosen up dirt, grime, fingerprints & other sticky substance. Now just wipe the surface with a clean, lint-free cloth to minimize streaks & dust particles.


Heal Cuts and Bruises Faster

A game of football & later you return with a bruised knee & ankle. With this hack, speed up the healing by simply pressing a used tea bag, moistened with water, to the bruise for a couple of minutes. The tannins in the tea help constrict blood vessels, which stop the flow of blood & speed up healing & you are ready for another game.

If you have any unique uses of tea bags which Savegenie has listed? Please share your ideas and experiences in comments section below.

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